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Ivo Buda Architect is offering a wide range of architectural design services, from residential homes to commercial, public buildings and urban planning. The focus is always on providing high quality, sustainable solutions to form new and exciting spaces in a cost effective manner.

Respecting the environment and culture in which a building is planned is a central part of the practice. The conversations we have with our clients from the very beginning of a project includes sustainable solutions, budget, time planning, art and design. We can help clients to achieve their goals within their financial plans providing an intelligent and heart feeling design solutions.




Ivo Buda Architect is a practice established in 2007 in Trieste, Italy, by Ivo Buda, specializing in the residential, commercial, retail, landscape and multi-use sectors.

Design excellence and originality, always accompanied with responsibility and sustainability are the foundations upon which the practice is built. They are the values that underpin the approach to every project from conceptualization to realization.

Ivo Buda Architect has designed a wide range of projects from residential homes to commercial and public buildings. The office is constantly looking to take on new projects and believe that our design excellence will help clients to achieve their goals in a cost effective manner, we believe that the best approach is the simple one. We make sure we understand client's needs and the purpose of the space so as to provide a design that realizes the client's vision with a perfect integration with the environment.

Ivo Buda

Ivo Buda ArchitectIvo Buda (B. Arch.) is a registered architect of the Association of Architects of Trieste, Italy. Ivo Buda has worked in large and leading architectural firms in Australia and Italy, he has 20+ years of high-level architectural experience from concept designs to completed projects in all design categories.

In my life I have had the chance to grow two activities that are extremely fascinating, mountaineering and architecture. Both require a vocation but the first involves the cultural and physical aspect.

These two activities with no doubt have shaped my personality. I have learned from nature, but also by the people with whom I began my adventures, in the mountains or on an architectual project. I am interested in a wide variety of topics, but I think the essential are environment, public spaces and art. I have been developing residential, public, office and leisure projects with many other interests for over 20 years. My primary focus is on the sustainable way of living, where all the interests described above are included, from architecture to rock climbing.

I live and work in Trieste, an attractive city compressed between the Adriatic Sea and the Carst plateau, where the numerous hills have shaped a fascinating and complex urban environment, a place that is an invitation to explore.

You will often see the new posts on my climbing blog Climbing Free. The site offers a deep insight in rock climbing. My favorite topics include: training for rock climbing, breathing, vision, awareness. My suggestion is very simple: listen to your nature and operate as your nature suggests you. In this way I found my way to improve my skills in climbing, without grueling trainings, simply by using common sense and a bit of intelligence. Climbing can be a pleasure, can express love towards oneself and nature, or it can be a struggle where your suffering becomes the normal condition. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to enjoy climbing, this will help you express unique creative talents and abilities.

I enjoy to collaborate with professionals from different fields or other architectural firms to carry on projects and architectural competitions. If you are interested, the best way is to connect to Linkedin.

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Occasionally I collaborate gladly with professionals from different fields or other architectural firms to carry on projects and architectural competitions. If you are interested the best way is to connect to Linkedin




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The farm is located on a hill in the municipality of Vecchiano (PI). The renovation includes the establishment of an agritourism. We have open some arcs closed and hidden under the plaster. The interiors are marked by large brick arches and large windows with views of the park, so the overall image of the building is now more open and flexible.



The context is that one of an industrial area. The area covered by the project involves commercial activities and offices. The proposed project includes a new building with an overall surface of 4680 sq. m.

Mountain hut icon


For the new mountain hut Lagoni in the Park of the 100 lakes (Parma, Italy) we propose a project based on the concept of re-use of available resources, namely the conservation of the existing building with a coating-insulation of existing walls and a new roof that allows the reuse and harvesting of rainwater, as well as better insulation since it is precisely through the roof which are realized the major heat losses.



For the new multi-functional center of Berzo Demo we propose a project based on the concept of rural village and of a series of considerations on the space of a small community. The purely human dimensions of the village, the promiscuity of its functions and the sedimentation of the historical processes that constitute its essence, are the keys that we have employ in the design of the typological composition of the project.



small train station

In the design for the small stations converge three themes: growth, renewal and modularity. Growth and renewal are internal models that allow living organisms to ensure identity and balance at every stage of development. The project attempts to break the motionless of the space by inserting variable and ephemeral elements as needed, to absorb the continuous change, as happens in living organisms.

Due to its location, the main square is one of the central areas of the city. Even more important is the historical image of the urban area, which is formed through the centuries, but it is never changed significantly. The proposal seeks to retain the existing image, read and integrate the square in the wider urban area. The proposal aims to discover the qualities that are already present in the


New aquarium is integrated in the city park with the mirrored image of the park on the glass facade of the building. The dynamics of nature, seasons, events in the park are reflected in the architecture-mirror. The reflection creates the visual contact between the skin-surface architecture, and the real space that surrounds it.



The project is particularly interesting because of its complexity and the way in which the spaces are arranged on one hand, considering a strictly functional criterion, on the other hand marking the symbolic meaning of a structure. So the question: What is the connection between the symbolic meaning of a building and the content that fills this space?


The water hyacinth is floating above the water and creates a special introverted world. The flower composes a natural isolated space. This is the starting point of our work: the building Kolezija rises above the city to create a separate space, where we propose the sports activities and the events in the natural environment. Sports activities and playing children are the protagonists of the regenerated nature.


The project for the technical school Ravne was created like a game related to the industrial production of iron and steel, which was developed in Carinthia, Slovenia since 1620. The project incorporates many of the opportunities offered by the steel structure, including architectural elements that relate to the shape of the machine (pipes, fire escapes). The structure is intended to encourage students to further research-game.

 All the things that happen, do not stop. Our perception is away from them, but the facts remain motionless and anchored on the timeline. All the places that ever existed, all the feelings, all the scents and colors, are not enrolled only in our individual memory, but frozen the very fabric of space-time.



The concept takes advantage of the huge possibilities that the site location offers. It is one of the best places in town and gives an extraordinary possibility to develop a first-class world architectural scheme. Because of the location, the proposal has the advantage to be the one which overlooks the whole city. At the same time it would be seen from everywhere. It would somehow be like the "acropolis" of the city, the idea of the city that observes and is seen from everyone.

Our society is built upon the richness of human diversity. This richness includes different cultures, different religions, nationalities and races, and of course, different people. The more we reflect all aspects of our society, the more beauty and richness we can acquire. Architecture as a process of human mind is following many cultural aspects of our society and many times it remains confined in the intellectual boundaries of different nations.



In the culture of the middle east countries the Peacock is representative of glory, immortality and incorruptibility. It is a possessor of some of the most admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and beauty.

In Babylonia and Persia the peacock is seen as a guardian of royalty.



Middle Eastern culture is full of stories about caravans crossing the desert. The proposal is homage to this audacity, bringing the image of the caravan to the city, a camel that comes to an oasis to drink water. The tower aims to capture the essence of this journey through the desert, the will of the pioneers to explore the unknown land and the joy in an adventure in the nature.




Like a big flower, a round shape, corroded little by little through a precise gesture, embraces all the diverse elements of the composition.  This reference is an opportunity to research the essence of the theater and the activity inside it. That activity has the fragrance of a flower and the intensity of a sunset. In fact the sun and  the nature give us every day a repeated, but unexpected spectacle, and yet the willingness to be permeated by the unexpected often reveals new keys to the comprehension of reality.




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