folder standard names


This convention is for naming the folders prepared by IBA, with the aim to design a convention that remains simple enough to be practical for small architecture companies and small design projects. At the same time this convention is sufficiently flexible for larger and more complex projects.

Project Folder Organization

The aim is to create a convention with a logical folder name that enables them to be identified and retrieved.

Project Folder Name

The Project folder name is made up of either three or four of these components:

DATE: (starting date for projects or submission date for competitions)
TYPOLOGY:  INTERIOR (Interior Architecture)
                     URB (Urbanism, Masterplans)
                     WEB(Web Design)
PROJECTNAME: A custom name for the project
CLIENT/DESCRIPTION: Name of the client or description of the project




Standard Sub-folders



Other Sub-folders

Folders names should be short, but meaningful

Folders names should be kept as short and meaningful. Long folder names mean long file paths and are more difficult to remember and recognize. However, avoid using initials, abbreviations and codes that are not commonly understood.

Correct Folder name example: House-Development_meeting_minutes
Incorrect Folder name example: The_minutes_of _the_House-Development_ meeting

Explanation: Some words add length to a folder name but do not contribute towards the meaning, for example words like "the", "a", and "and". If the remaining folder name is still meaningful these elements can be removed.

Don't use special characters

Even if your operating system allows you to save the file you may encounter difficulties if you try to transport the file to another operating system, and it may not be recognized. Avoid: * : \ / < > | " ? [ ] ; = + & £ $. On the web the space is replaced with "%20". Everything ends up on the web nowadays, so if you don't want have "%20", don't use spaces in your directory and filenames.

Correct Folder name example: Milano_Interior-Design
Incorrect Folder name example: House-project+Interior Design

Explanation: On the internet the space is replaced with "%20" (which is the ascii encoded value for a space in a URL string). So if you don't want have "%20", avoid spaces.


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