Our society is built upon the richness of human diversity. This richness includes different cultures, different religions, nationalities and races, and of course, different people. The more we reflect all aspects of our society, the more beauty and richness we can acquire. Architecture as a process of human mind is following many cultural aspects of our society and many times it remains confined in the intellectual boundaries of different nations.



The project undertakes the adventure of bypassing those boundaries, trying to combine Chinese window type with a Tibetan one, Arabic arc with Venetian arc, square window with a rounded window, modern with traditional, all at the same building like a kaleidoscope of different people well known from United Colors of Benetton campaigns.
Connecting different architectural regional styles symbolizes a dialogue between nations. The design of the building is a dialogue and holding hands between those styles.

Architectural design
The new proposal interacts with the city and strengthens the character of Teheran, confirming its international and multicultural role. The new volume rises in height with different floor shapes, creating several public open spaces. The perimeter is formed by the carpet of multicultural windows. The building with its open spaces, transparency and its sensuous materiality of rich architectural design will be a clear mark in the city. Access is granted from both south and west side. A central foyer with a large atrium offers easy orientation as well as the possibility for distribution of staff and visitors while securing access control.


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 The office floors allow a flexible layout and are mutually connected by elevators and staircases. The flexible and efficient structure provides opportunity to anticipate the individual spatial requirements. The combination of a steel skeleton with concrete hollow-core floor slabs is optimally used in an intelligent and economic construction that enables extra-wide office bays with large spans and a minimum amount of columns. Workplaces in this building will be generous and well lit with daylight; there will be the option for individual control of all environmental factors at every desk including natural ventilation. Due to the flexibility of the spaces all partition walls will be made of plaster or similar materials.
The building is based on criteria of efficiency and economy. The structure consists of the perimeter, columns and a rigid core that resolves the vertical communication (stairs and elevators). The outer stone facade protects against solar radiation. The different floor shapes form a perimeter of breathing space and energy exchange, which can incorporate energy harvesting systems, plants, systems and replacement of air movement, etc. The site also provides an area to facilitate informal contacts or rest of the workers and shops customers.

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Key facts:

Project n.: 090327
Location: Teheran, Iran
Date: 27.03.2009
project team: Tomaz Kristof, Ivo Buda
Program: commercial, office and residential
Levels: Basement(4 levels)+Ground l.+7 levels
Structure: Steel-concrete structure