The water hyacinth is floating above the water and creates a special introverted world. The flower composes a natural isolated space. This is the starting point of our work: the building Kolezija rises above the city to create a separate space, where we propose the sports activities and the events in the natural environment. Sports activities and playing children are the protagonists of the regenerated nature.


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{mosmap address='Kopališče Kolezija, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia'|zoom='14'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='1'|showMaptype='1'|align='left'| overview='1'|text='Kopališče Kolezija'}

Key facts:

Project n.: 090710
Client: Mestna občina Ljubljan, Slovenia
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date: July 2009
project team: Ivo Buda, Tomaz Kristof, Manfredo Bianchi
Program: Pools, sauna, fitness, massage center, physiotherapy.
Levels: Ground floor + 1st floor + pool on the roof