Like a big flower, a round shape, corroded little by little through a precise gesture, embraces all the diverse elements of the composition.  This reference is an opportunity to research the essence of the theater and the activity inside it. That activity has the fragrance of a flower and the intensity of a sunset. In fact the sun and  the nature give us every day a repeated, but unexpected spectacle, and yet the willingness to be permeated by the unexpected often reveals new keys to the comprehension of reality.




But like a flower dances in the sun and in the wind, can the architecture dance too? Yes, in the images the architecture is still, in its real life it get cross by light and people. The articulated volume in the light undertakes multiples possibilities of definition: in the sunset light it is carnal and sensual, in the midday light acute and precise. Inside the space is a continuum with the outside, compressed, secret, but luminous.

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The overall organization of the building derives from the connection of three types of theaters:
1 The Grand Theater
2 The Proscenium Playhouse
3 The Multiform Theater

The three theaters all have independent control and operation systems, they are connected with a common lobby with control points at the theater entrance. The common lobby is a 24-hour open area with no requiring ticket, except only when area control is needed. The environment in the lobby is comfortable and visually is linking all the floors of the center.{/lang}

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The program for the Grand Theater include classical operas, large- scale dance performances and musicals. The sitting capacity is of 1.500 seats with seating of 1.000 seats at the orchestra level and 500 seats at balcony.
The major programs for the Proscenium Playhouse and the Multiform Theater are drama and dance performances. The sitting capacity is of 800 seats.


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conceptual taipei

CONCEPTUAL ARCHITECTURE, Hi-Design Publishing, Hong-Kong 2011

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Key facts
Project n.: 080824
Client: Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Date: August 2008
project team: Ivo Buda
Program: Performing arts center: Grand Theater, Proscenium Playhouse, Multiform Theater
Total floor area above grade: 23.100m2
Levels: 3 basements + Ground floor + 5 levels
Cost (estimated): US$124.600.000
Structure: Steel-concrete structure
Parking spaces: 204
High: 29 m



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