small train station

In the design for the small stations converge three themes: growth, renewal and modularity. Growth and renewal are internal models that allow living organisms to ensure identity and balance at every stage of development. The project attempts to break the motionless of the space by inserting variable and ephemeral elements as needed, to absorb the continuous change, as happens in living organisms.

Flexibility is ensured by a physical continuity of space, without interruption, with furnishings organized as modular volumes that are aggregated by the specific needs. The modularity of the design elements in this case is the ability to repeat and group items in forms which are not symmetrical, creating complex and flexible shapes adaptable to different situations and problems.



  • stazione-01
  • stazione-02
  • stazione-03
  • sketch-01
  • sketch-02-entrata
  • sketch-03-schelter
  • sketch-04-volumi
  • sketch-05
  • sketch-06
  • sketch-07

  • pla01
  • pla02
  • pla03
  • pla04
  • pla05
  • pla06
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Key facts
Project n.:
Client: RFI s.p.a – Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Location: Roma, Italia
Date: March 2007
project team: Ivo Buda , Kristjan Machiut
Program: train station
Site area: 2.675mq
Cost (estimated):  1.855.830 €