In the culture of the middle east countries the Peacock is representative of glory, immortality and incorruptibility. It is a possessor of some of the most admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and beauty.

In Babylonia and Persia the peacock is seen as a guardian of royalty.



Middle Eastern culture is full of stories about caravans crossing the desert. The proposal is homage to this audacity, bringing the image of the caravan to the city, a camel that comes to an oasis to drink water. The tower aims to capture the essence of this journey through the desert, the will of the pioneers to explore the unknown land and the joy in an adventure in the nature.




Like a big flower, a round shape, corroded little by little through a precise gesture, embraces all the diverse elements of the composition.  This reference is an opportunity to research the essence of the theater and the activity inside it. That activity has the fragrance of a flower and the intensity of a sunset. In fact the sun and  the nature give us every day a repeated, but unexpected spectacle, and yet the willingness to be permeated by the unexpected often reveals new keys to the comprehension of reality.



The building is connected to the ground of the campus as a shell of a turtle, with an irregular basis. In this way, fits the plans of the campus, standing on the pedestrian path and stop people under the shell, extending their role to covering element of the public square-entrance of the building.