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The farm is located on a hill in the municipality of Vecchiano (PI). The renovation includes the establishment of an agritourism. We have open some arcs closed and hidden under the plaster. The interiors are marked by large brick arches and large windows with views of the park, so the overall image of the building is now more open and flexible.



The context is that one of an industrial area. The area covered by the project involves commercial activities and offices. The proposed project includes a new building with an overall surface of 4680 sq. m.

Mountain hut icon


For the new mountain hut Lagoni in the Park of the 100 lakes (Parma, Italy) we propose a project based on the concept of re-use of available resources, namely the conservation of the existing building with a coating-insulation of existing walls and a new roof that allows the reuse and harvesting of rainwater, as well as better insulation since it is precisely through the roof which are realized the major heat losses.



For the new multi-functional center of Berzo Demo we propose a project based on the concept of rural village and of a series of considerations on the space of a small community. The purely human dimensions of the village, the promiscuity of its functions and the sedimentation of the historical processes that constitute its essence, are the keys that we have employ in the design of the typological composition of the project.



small train station

In the design for the small stations converge three themes: growth, renewal and modularity. Growth and renewal are internal models that allow living organisms to ensure identity and balance at every stage of development. The project attempts to break the motionless of the space by inserting variable and ephemeral elements as needed, to absorb the continuous change, as happens in living organisms.

Due to its location, the main square is one of the central areas of the city. Even more important is the historical image of the urban area, which is formed through the centuries, but it is never changed significantly. The proposal seeks to retain the existing image, read and integrate the square in the wider urban area. The proposal aims to discover the qualities that are already present in the