Mountain hut view


For the new mountain hut Lagoni in the Park of the 100 lakes (Parma, Italy) we propose a project based on the concept of re-use of available resources, namely the conservation of the existing building with a coating-insulation of existing walls and a new roof that allows the reuse and harvesting of rainwater, as well as better insulation since it is precisely through the roof which are realized the major heat losses.






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{mosmap address='Rifugio Lagoni, Corniglio (PR), Italia'|zoom='14'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='1'|showMaptype='1'|align='left'| overview='1'|text='<div style=width:200px;height=40px;>Rifugio Lagoni</div>'}


Key facts
Project n.: 084030
Client: Parco dei Cento Laghi (Parco Regionale delle Valli del Cedra e del Parma)
Location: Comune di Corniglio (PR)
Date: Aprile 2008
project team: Ivo Buda
Program: alpine hut
Total floor area above grade: 624mq
Levels: Basement+Ground l.+1 level