Due to its location, the main square is one of the central areas of the city. Even more important is the historical image of the urban area, which is formed through the centuries, but it is never changed significantly. The proposal seeks to retain the existing image, read and integrate the square in the wider urban area. The proposal aims to discover the qualities that are already present in the


New aquarium is integrated in the city park with the mirrored image of the park on the glass facade of the building. The dynamics of nature, seasons, events in the park are reflected in the architecture-mirror. The reflection creates the visual contact between the skin-surface architecture, and the real space that surrounds it.



The project is particularly interesting because of its complexity and the way in which the spaces are arranged on one hand, considering a strictly functional criterion, on the other hand marking the symbolic meaning of a structure. So the question: What is the connection between the symbolic meaning of a building and the content that fills this space?


The water hyacinth is floating above the water and creates a special introverted world. The flower composes a natural isolated space. This is the starting point of our work: the building Kolezija rises above the city to create a separate space, where we propose the sports activities and the events in the natural environment. Sports activities and playing children are the protagonists of the regenerated nature.


The project for the technical school Ravne was created like a game related to the industrial production of iron and steel, which was developed in Carinthia, Slovenia since 1620. The project incorporates many of the opportunities offered by the steel structure, including architectural elements that relate to the shape of the machine (pipes, fire escapes). The structure is intended to encourage students to further research-game.

 All the things that happen, do not stop. Our perception is away from them, but the facts remain motionless and anchored on the timeline. All the places that ever existed, all the feelings, all the scents and colors, are not enrolled only in our individual memory, but frozen the very fabric of space-time.